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How to Choose the Best Cubicle Curtains and Tracks

How to Choose the Best Cubicle Curtains and Tracks

If you're looking for a way to do that effectively and efficiently, look no further than Direct Fabrics for the best cubicle curtains and tracks for hospitals.

Hospital curtains can help you protect your patients' privacy while also keeping them safe from potential hazards in the room. These curtains can be used in a variety of settings, including emergency rooms, operating rooms and patient rooms. In addition to protecting against intrusions, they also help protect against air contamination and noise pollution.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a hospital curtain fabric:

The Fabric Should Have Antibacterial Properties

The fabric may become a breeding ground for bacteria if you do not select the right fabrics. Hospitals see different cases and patients every day, so viruses, bacteria and other pathogens can linger in the area without the proper precautions and interventions. 

Medical curtains should have an antimicrobial finish to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. The nature of the finish will vary with each type of drapery you consider. Make sure the finish is strong enough to repel as many bacteria as possible.

It Should Be Durable

The best hospital curtains are made from high-quality materials that won't tear or catch on equipment or other objects. These should also be durable materials that won't bend or break under pressure from heavy curtain panels. This is because hospital staff are always on the move and quick movements can tear down a flimsy hospital curtain.

 It Should be Flame- and Stain-Retardant

Ceiling-mounted medical curtains should be fire-resistant, stain-resistant and washable. The fabric should be fire-retardant and the material smooth on its outer surface. This setup prevents small fires from spreading rapidly and causing extensive damage. Also, a row of mesh at the top of each curtain track allows sprinklers to operate when a fire is in its early stages.

Consider the Curtain Length

When choosing curtains for hospital cubicles, consider how long you want each curtain to be. Curtains in hospital cubicles should be long enough for privacy but not so long that they touch the floor. This could cause the accumulation of dirt and germs over time. Look for drapery that is tall enough to cover people's heads yet a few inches from the floor to prevent dragging.

Let Us Talk about Cubicle Tracks

A cubicle track is a ceiling-mounted track that is typically used to hang curtains used for medical settings. The hardware has become the industry standard because it's easy to install, move, and customise.

It is best known for its durability because it can support large, heavy drapes that are made of several layers of fabric. It can also be customisable as the tracks are available in straight sections and pre-bent sections, which allows you to install them easily without complications. Lastly, It looks good because it can easily blend with all sorts of curtains and types of furniture.


Cubicle curtains and tracks play an essential part in hospital facilities. This will give the hospital staff and patients a safe environment when providing and receiving care. Remember, even the smallest details matter in providing quality care to your patients.

If you're looking for hospital cubicle curtains, Direct Fabrics has you covered. We supply quality curtain fabrics to hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and many other medical institutions. Get in touch with us today to place an order.