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9 Products

Amazing Wave Curtains 80mm

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Wave Curtain Specialists

60mm or 80mm

Made to Measure
Made to Measure

All Wave Curtains are Made to Measure to your exact requirements.

100s Designs & Colours
100s Designs & Colours

Huge Colour Range.

Fire Retardant BS5867

Suitable for use in hotels, commerical and home.

Direct Fabrics are leading supplier of wave curtains and yr best 60mm and 80mm wave curtains. You can get free samples and quotes from the website and buy online. We offer Silent Gliss wave curtains and also offer other curtain tracks that can work with you wave curtains.

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9 Products

9 Products

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9 Products

9 Products

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Wave Curtains Supplier - Wave Curtains UK

Wave curtains are the perfect solution for your windows where you are looking for a modern look. By using wave curtains you get the very finish that is perfectly pleated curtains that drape absolutely perfectly.

Direct Fabrics are a leading supplier of S Fold, ripple fold and wave curtains a modern window treatment that fit the modern finish for curtains. As a uk manufacturer, the company can supply and beautiful wave curtains in a huge range of windows. You can get the wave effect on our curtain tracks at lower prices than silent gliss metropoles or similar curtain tracks.

For these curtains to work you have to use them with a wave curtain track, otherwise, you do not have

Wave Curtain Tracks the curtains will not have the evenly spaced pleat that is required. All the gliders on the ripple fold curtains have a string between them to make them set in place at the 80mm distance.

Mounting of the wave tracks can be ceiling fixed. The Direct Fabrics tracks have been specifically designed to work with wave headed curtains.

Choosing Wave Heading Curtains - Silent Gliss Wave System

Wave curtains come with 2 standard depths to the wave pleat, either 60mm or more popular 80mm. The 80mm wave curtain give a lot more depth to the pleat and as such gives an exceptionally modern feel to the ripple fold curtains. The process of choosing your wave head;

1 Selecting either the 60mm or 80mm - in our opinion selecting the 80mm is a much more modern look

2.Making sure the fabric you have chosen will sit well as a wave. Extremely thick fabrics will struggle to form the delicate pleats of a wave.

In our experience using our unlined blackouts, although they have a blackout coating on them, they sit beautifully and because

Fabric Choice for Wave Curtains

Choosing a fabric for yur curtains is always a difficult decision, we have found using plain colours in neutrals generally keeps the modern sleek finish looking excellent and fits well with the pleat. You can use dimouts or blackout or voile curtains. The voiles look beautiful when draped as a wave as they are light weight and have a delicate flow to them. Ensure when purchasing that the fabric hangs with the pleat and sits well in the S pleat well. The curtain heading fits incredibly well with most fabrics but ensure the drape is perfect. Checkout some of our videos and testimonials below before buying wave curtains.

Bay Window Wave Curtains - Made to Measure Wave Curtains

As with all other made to measure curtains, you can get ripple wave curtains that will fit your bay window. Bay windows tend to be a little more difficult to get a curtain made and fitted to.

Bay Windows can be tricky with wave as you will need to get a made to measure custom track to go around the space. Not to worry Direct Fabrics can do these for you. All you have to do is fill in the template of measurements and

What are Silent Gliss Wave Curtains?

The wave curtain system is a trademark Silent Gliss curtain track and heading tape. These a pleat that looks like an S and holds a perfect shape when on a wave curtain track. The beautiful pleats of the S in a 60mm or an 80mm are from Silent Gliss, although now there are many similar products just with slightly different names, so a wave curtain will use

Where Wave Curtains look Amazing

Due to the modern finish of a wave curtain and then perfect pleat that sites across various window options and you can use it as an alternative to traditional headings like pencil pleat, pinch pleat. You can use these curtains to dress any window and get a fabulous hotel to finish to any o your spaces.

As with all fashion it changes over time but the simplicity of this style means that it is here to stay. Great on trend colour options for your wave curtains are Grey or Naturals. These will hold the look and feel and generally will be cheaper cost than some of the

Video Review of our wave curtains

Other Names for Wave Style Curtains

Ripple Fold Curtains

S Fold Curtains

Wave Fold Curtains

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