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4 Ways Blackout Drapes Help You to Sleep Better - What to Know

The working world today looks vastly different from how it was just two decades ago. Long hours and stresses at work often keep people up at night, and insomnia is actually a leading health concern among UK adults. In addition, the rise of networks and round-the-clock connectivity has given rise to different work situations, like night shifts, flexible working hours, and even remote work. Because of this, many people now have to modify their sleep schedules and get rest during the day instead. 

Blackout curtains can effectively help with these new workplace realities. Aside from keeping your bedroom dark, we will share with you four other health benefits you can get from installing this type of drapes in your room.

They help you to fall asleep faster

With a reported two-thirds (67%) of 16 million UK adults saying they suffer from disrupted sleep, and 31% saying they have insomnia, it is clear that you don’t need to be on an irregular work schedule to be concerned about the amount of sleep you’re getting. Blackout curtains signal to the brain that it is time to power down and rest. 

You also fall asleep better when you don’t see lights from cars on the street, or the flickering of the lamppost outside your window. Coupled with a medication plan or prescriptions, those who suffer from insomnia will find themselves on the way to treatment.

They help regulate room temperature

Blackout curtains retain warmth during colder days, which helps keep your room comfortable during the winter months. In summer, it repels heat and keeps your room cool. These drapes are constructed with several layers that help control your room’s climate. 

In warmer months, keep your curtains closed during periods of direct sunlight to keep your temperatures down. By helping with your room temperature, they keep costs down and help you become more energy efficient.

They help muffle sounds from the outside

These drapes also help reduce noise. When you’re trying to get some rest, the sound of road traffic or barking dogs can prevent you from drifting to sleep. Blackout curtains help with reducing noise pollution, which is important in areas with large, packed populations. 

Although this does not make your room soundproof, you will effectively reduce the echo of noises coming in, which makes the sounds less irritating. These curtains even lead to a comfortable sleep because they prevent reverberations in the room.

They increase melatonin production

According to research, when the sun sets, the pineal gland starts actively producing melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy. This occurs naturally at around 9 p.m., but some circumstances might mitigate this natural process. 

For example, sleeping in rooms with dim lights can cause melatonin levels to drop significantly. Artificial light outside your window is also enough to inhibit melatonin. Staying in a darkened room, however, even when you’re not sleepy, can cause melatonin levels to rise. As a result, you will soon find yourself falling asleep. When you get enough sleep, your body repairs itself, and your brain gets a chance to reboot for the next day.


In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught in the demands of life and focus less on getting quality sleep. However, keep in mind that the lack of sleep causes people to be drowsy the following day, and they may make more mistakes at work or in school than they would if they had enough rest. Blackout curtains help make your room conducive for rest, making you a better and more productive worker or student.

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