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How the Right Curtains Can Keep Hospitals Safe & Free From Bacterial Infections

Hospitals and other medical facilities need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent infections from spreading throughout the area. As there are a lot of patients who have various medical illnesses in hospitals, hospitals can be prone to bacterial infections without the proper items and measures in place.

There is a high presence of bacteria in areas that a lot of people from the hospital, both patients and medical workers, touch or use. Some of the possibly highly-infected objects are:

  • Medical equipment
  • Doors handles and light switch panels
  • Beddings
  • Curtains
  • Record books
  • Telephones
  • Kitchenwares, to name a few

Aside from what is mentioned, bacteria can cling to the air and can stick to surfaces, one of which is hospital curtains. In-patients spend most of their day in the patients’ ward. With several patients in the room, bacterial infections can increase and spread faster.

A patients’ ward divides the room using cubicle curtains. Aside from privacy, there are several benefits of using this type of curtain, including:

  • It cuts bacterial contamination
  • It helps control the fire from spreading
  • It gives a “mood” to the area

Standard quality of cubicle curtains

Two main features that you should look for in a cubicle curtain is its antimicrobial and flame-retardant properties. These two help prevent infections and fire in the facility, respectively.

1. Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms to prevent it from growing and infecting persons or objects. According to a published study, hospital curtains with antimicrobial properties are more effective in reducing the contamination rate of bacteria in the space.

There are antimicrobial curtains designed for long-term use, and there are disposable ones as well. Regardless of which, these two functions the same.

2. Flame-retardant

Hospital curtains should be flame-retardant as well. They shouldn’t just be free from the hazards of infections, but it should also be safe in case of fire. Especially since hospitals run various medical equipment all at the same time, hospitals should anticipate disasters such as fire accidents.

Aside from making sure that the health facility has standard fire exits and fire extinguishers, hospitals should use flame-retardant fabrics as well. Flame-retardants are agents that prevent the fire from spreading by slowing it down. For simpler terms, it makes the fabric non-flammable. As such, when flame-retardant curtains are installed, health facilities minimize the chances of fire accidents from occurring or spreading.


Hospital curtains are not just there to provide privacy. More than that, it helps health facilities become safe from bacterial infections and fire accidents using antimicrobial and flare-retardant agents. When buying hospital curtains, make sure to purchase products that are right for your needs.

Moreover, there are hospital curtains that come in various colours and designs. These curtains can help elevate the atmosphere of your health facility. Colours can affect the mood of your patients, so choose a shade and design that will lift their spirits.

If you are looking for new cubicle curtains or hospital curtain tracks for your health facility in the UK, contact us today to get a quote! 

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