Village Hall Acoustic Stage Curtains

Backwell Village Hall Stage Curtains

Introduction to the Client

A beautiful village hall that is at the heart of the community in the village where Direct Fabrics are located. Direct Fabrics were approached to supply and install flame retardant curtains for the village hall stage. The original stage curtains were old and ripped on an old metal track.  The hall was built in 1910 and the present curtains must be at least 30 years plus old.


Requirements for Project

  • Stage Curtains
  • Corded Top Fix Track
  • Upholstered Pelmet


Product Chosen

Curtains   Acoustic Herringbone Stage Curtains

Track Heavy Duty Stage Curtain Track



After presenting the trustees with a range of samples it was decided to use the acoustic absorption material as the open-plan space was vast and any acoustic benefit would be greatly beneficial to reduce the reverberation around the space.

Also, a new track was chosen that could be installed into the wooden frame around the top of the stage. This allowed for a strong fixing to hold the weight of the lined acoustic curtains.

The pelmet boards were manufactured with a lightweight essex board and velcro attached to the top of the stage to allow for easy attaching of the upholstered pelmet.



A stunning pair of the curtain in a decadent teal colour. The finished article looks great and improves the acoustic performance of the space.

"Backwell Parish Hall would like to express our thanks for the installation of the lovely curtains and track. They look splendid and we are very pleased indeed with the overall design and the choice of colour"