G 5600 - Heavy Duty / Stage Track upto 80kg - Corded or Uncorded - Made to Measure.

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Excl. Tax: £ 66.67 Incl. Tax: £80.00

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Excl. Tax: £66.67 Incl. Tax: £80.00
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The Goelst 5600 is a sturdy track that can be invisibly mounted on a ceiling. The curtains glide smoothly virtually without sound. Using the cord to open and close the curtains keeps the fabric clean. A very popular track that can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as private homes, but also in office buildings and in the care sector.



  •  The sturdy curtain track

  •  Aluminium curtain track; can be forward or reverse bent in different radii

  •  Wall or ceiling mounting

  •  Available as standard in two colours: white and metallic aluminium

  •  Accessories available in matching colours

  •  Cords available in white

  •  Length: maximum 6m

  •  Compatible with the Goelst Flow System for regularly pleated curtains. More info about the Goelst Flow System

  •  High-quality coated aluminium

  •  Light, medium-weight and heavy curtains

  •  The cords are enclosed in channels so that they remain invisible and do not tangle

The high-quality, carefully selected materials allow curtains to run silently and smoothly, also round bends. The curtain track can be pre-formed to match customer requirements and delivered as a single piece to eliminate the disadvantage of separate bends and joins in the running length.

  •  Material: aluminium
  •  Coating colours: white RAL9010 and metallic aluminium RAL9006
    High quality wear-resistant, extremely colourfast, UV-resistant coating
  •  Dimensions (hxw): 22 x 30 mm
  •  Profile weight: 492 gr/m
  •  Maximum supported weight guideline: see fixing guide. An additional support bracket is recommended at points where pleated curtains gather when open.

The 5600 can be forward or reverse bent to create attractive returns.

  •  Minimum bending radius: 20cm with bending tool 1015
  •  Other bending radii: 30cm with bending tool 1015
  •  Greater than 100cm with bending tool 1018



Aluminium EN AW-6060 T66.
Shape and size tolerances in accordance with EN 12020. 
Powder coating: in accordance with QUALICOAT requirements, thick coating (+/- 100 µm), AkzoNobel/Goelst quality for improved gliding properties and excellent ductility. White RAL 9010, natural metallic 9006.
5600 track weight: 492 gr/m.


Standard colours

Natural metallic RAL 9006 – powder coated
White RAL 9010 – powder coated
Special colours available on request.


Standard accessories

Goelst self-lubricating gliders made from high quality plastic with added Teflon. Twelve 4010 gliders (special self-lubricating plastic, UV-stabilised) per metre. One pulley set 5670-1000 and one pilot runner with carrier set 5674-3000 per track length. Ceiling mounting with fixing clamp 6050 (and washer) (the amount required depends on the system length). Cord with core, loop height 200cm. Connecting bridge 6052.


Other accessories and fixing

4010 gliders are available with various hook types. Spring stop 4003. Projection glider 6010. Pilot runner without overlap 5675-3000. 
Ceiling mounting on metal support bracket 6055-1000. Concealed mounting with profile insert 6055-2000 (with holes pre-punched by Goelst).
Wall mounting with luxury model adjustable extension bracket 6017 (7-15cm), with plastic wall support bracket 6051 (projection 4cm) or extension bracket 6015 for different distances from the wall. Cord tensioner 1201 or cord weight 1203-13. Compatible with Goelst Flow bespoke curtain systems.

Spacing between support points (in cm) in accordance with the G-Standard or as follows:

curtain type




per package

2 kg

4 kg

8 kg





General advice: place an additional bracket on the stacking side(s) and, if possible, a support point immediately before and/or after a curve, immediately next to the pulley.




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Additional Information

Weight Guide Stage 40kg+
Delivery 7-10 Working Days
Operation Cord
Product attachment


Tools Required to Check Measure for Curtains

Piece of paper

For recording your


Someone to assist if your
windows are large .

Tape measure

As this will allow you to get a
rigid full length measurement.

Measure the exact width of the recess in three places; at the top of the recess, in the centre of the recess and near the bottom - then take the smallest size.

Measure the exact drop of the recess in three places on the left hand side of the recess, in the centre of the recess and on the right hand side of the recess - then take thesmallest size.

We will take one cm (half an inch) off the finished width size you have given us, to allow for the blind to pull up and down easily. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size, This is to allow for fabric hemming.

Measure the width of the actual recess plus an additional amount – Usually from 7cm-15cm (3" - 6") whatever you think looks appropriate.

Measure the exact drop of the recess. The blind would be fitted above the recess, so check the space above and add an amount on to the drop – usually from 15-20cm (6" - 8")

These sizes you have taken will be the size of the finished blind. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size this is to allow for hemming.


how to measure for curtains