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Direct Fabrics are a leading supplier and installer of cubicle curtain tracks and cubicle curtains. Working with the NHS and a variety of private medical companies across the UK. Direct Fabrics supplies and installs hospital curtains and privacy curtains across the UK.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Cubicle curtains are used to create private areas within a larger room or space. They are often used in healthcare facilities, schools, and other settings where privacy is important. Direct Fabrics offers a wide range of cubicle curtains in various colors and styles, including antibacterial and fire retardant options.

Yes, Direct Fabrics offers custom cubicle curtains to fit any space or requirement. We offer a variety of track and hardware options to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.

Direct Fabrics offers a range of track options for cubicle curtains, including straight tracks, curved tracks, and drop ceiling tracks. Our tracks are made from durable materials and can be customized to fit any space.

As a family business, we at Direct Fabrics aim to provide a uniquely professional and personalised service for all our customers, however big or small. We work within contract furnishings sectors and have over 60 years of experience, ensuring we provide unparalleled quality in all projects we assist in. We are only too aware that each customer will have individual requirements, whether it’s a metre of fabric or a contract for a hotel, school or nursing home, we’ll be able to tailor our service for you.

All members of our customer service team pride themselves on giving every customer clear concise advice and informing you, whatever stage your order’s at, from quick quotations to receiving free samples, and then post-order. When you pick up the phone, you’re able to speak to the team between 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday. You may even speak to the Director himself as he plays a keen role in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Our humble story started with Joe Simon commenced trading in 1947, his market stall was the place to buy velvet in the North East. The chances are that if you are from the North East, a member of family will remember the ‘curtain men’, Joe and son Martin, from the early days. Nowadays Direct Fabrics is a third-generation family business; for over 60 years we have expanded our business with loyal and dedicated staff.

ECS Enterprises Ltd’s trading entity, Direct Fabrics, still prides itself on the same ethics that Joe and Martin Simon stood by. We share our passion for textiles with all our clients to make your projects run smoothly and ensure the quality of soft furnishings you expect from a British manufacturer. We continue to provide you with a comprehensive range of quality fabrics including bedding, towels and restaurant linens, all at competitive prices. We’re preferred by some of the most prestigious hotels including the Marriot, Sheraton, Hilton and many more.

We look forward to doing business with you and we look forward to receiving any questions or comments you may have.

Edward C. Simon


ECS Enterprises t/a Direct Fabrics

Company Registration - 08543363

VAT Number 181905107

Our fabrics that feature sound absorption coefficients and an acoustic rating have these scores as a result of extensive laboratory testing alongside SRL Acoustics.

Contract curtains are required by law to be flame retardant, they must meet the BS5867 Part 2 Type B/C standards. We at Direct Fabrics offer a large range of fabrics that BSI have accredited with these standards.

Some other accreditations held by our several flame retardant fabrics include:
- NFPA 701 Part 1 & 2
- European EN 13773
- Italian Classe Uno
- IMO FTP Code 2010 Part 7


Leading Suppliers of Cubicle Curtain Tracks and Medical Cubicle Curtains

Our Cubicle tracks have been used in NHS hospitals all around the country and in other wellness centres for privacy. We use only the finest components in our cubicle tracks and we can adapt and fit our track in any environment. Whether you have a free hanging ceiling or just a standard room., we will be able to supply you with the components necessary to get the perfect flowing cubicle tracking system


Video Introduction to our Cubicle Curtain Track



Our team has worked in the soft furnishings sector for over 60 years and has a wealth of knowledge. We know which components to supply you with and will assist you with the purchasing process.

We have a team of installers who can come to your site and perform a full site survey and provide a quotation.

Our team is able to install your cubicle tracks and ensure they are safely setup for use.


Benefits of Disposable Cubicle Curtains & Traditional Washable Cubicle Curtains

Curtains for Hospitals and Medical Centres

Our range of hospital curtains has been specifically selected to ensure they are simple to install and maintain. Our curtains for hospitals and medical centres are compatible with hospital curtain tracks and cubicle track systems. Our washable range of cubicle curtains has a 1inch curtain heading tape so they can be used with any glider that excepts a standard curtain hook.

Direct Fabrics are a leading curtain manufacturer and supplier of hospital bed curtains for both wards and medical centres. This is both disposable cubicle curtains and washable cubicle curtains You can buy from a range of stock sizes that are available for next day dispatch across the UK.



Why Choose Direct Fabrics as Your Hospital Cubicle Curtain Suppliers

Direct Fabrics has been leading supplier since 2013 of hospital cubicle curtains and tracks around the UK and Europe. Offering a full range of free samples and a turnkey service. From consulting right the way through to manufacture and installation. We have a CSCS certified



Privacy Curtains and Hospital Ward Partition Curtains

The range of curtains offered by Direct Fabrics are manufactured with a dimout effect so they cannot be seen through. This means they are ideally suited for ward applications so patients have their privacy.



Suspended Ceiling Cubicle Tracks

The Direct Fabrics cubicle curtain tracks can be used with suspended ceilings. The track can be attached into suspended ceilings. Simply put a wooden pattress behind the ceiling tile that rests between the metal grid of the suspended ceiling. This allows for the hospital rail to rest on the metal grid and then take support from the suspended ceiling frame. Alternatively, the suspended ceilings rods can be used directly through a hole in the ceiling and be attached to the load-bearing ceiling above the false ceiling.



Disposable Cubicle Curtains UK

These are the latest product in infection control. Simple to install and recommended by the NHS for a safe environment. Our disposable cubicle curtains have an antibacterial coating. They are available in 4 colours so you can coordinate with your hospital interiors or doctors surgery layout. We highly recommend these for a quick solution .

There are 2 different heading styles that allows for you to have the heading that will work with your cubicle curtain track. Either the eyelet ring to slot onto the curtain track hook, or the integral plastic glider that will slot into our movaglide track.

Our range of disposable curtains are compatible with all curtain tracks and can be either inserted on an integrated hook or on standard runners.

The lifespan of the disposables depends on the trusts guidelines, either 6, 9 or 12 months. They have an antimicrobial covering for infection control which means bacteria is killed once it comes into contact with the surface of the fabric.



Washable Cubicle Curtains

Our range of washable cubicle curtains has 36 colours that we make up in our workrooms in the UK. They can be made to custom sizes, but on the website we have the 4 best selling cubicle rail sizes. 

The fabric is flame retardant and certified to BS5867 Part 2C, which means it can be washed to 70 degrees for thermal disinfection and infection control to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.



Cubicle Curtains Introudction Video

Where are Cubicle  Curtains are Used?

Our clients are primarily from a medical background including

  • Hospitals,
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Physiotherapy practices
  • Stage Props
  • Numerous other medical facilities.


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Benefits of Disposable Cubicle Curtains & Traditional Textile Curtains

 Cubicle curtains are used in medical treatment facilities to provide privacy and or block out the light.

 They are suspended from a ceiling rack or supporting structure to be pulled back for more room or closed to add more privacy for examinations. These curtains are usually made with antimicrobial finishes plus flame retardant fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon or vinyl.

 Cubicle curtains are used to partition off holding rooms, preparation areas, over flows, and examination rooms. They are also used as dividers in patient rooms and as privacy and security in surgical theatres.


Disposable Cubicle Curtains

 There are many advantages to disposable cubicle curtains. They are lower in cost, help reduce laundering expenses, and prevent the spread of HAIs or hospital acquired infections.

 Scientific and medical studies have found methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA on curtains in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Since this discovery, disposable cubicle curtains have become popular. Our disposable curtains are also coated with antimicrobial products. This mean the bacteria is stopped at the curtain line.

Disposable cubicle curtain panels come in different colors. Check the website for the color that suits your hospital, rest home or medical clinic. We do recommend, however, that you change your disposable curtains on a rotating basis. We suggest changing disposable curtains every six to nine months depending on the trust guidelines.

Traditional Textile Cubicle Curtains

 When it comes to patient privacy, traditional textile cubicle curtains are designed to be both functional and fashionable. You can order soothing solid colors or uplifting patterns and styles.

 Exclusive fabrics and customizable curtains provide patient privacy as well as a feeling of comfort. Traditional textile cubical curtains can be customized to fit the décor of the hospital or clinic without breaking the budget.

Traditional textile curtains are washable and most tradition textile curtains are treated with antimicrobial finishes to keep away MRSA or other staph infections. Textile curtains are also treated to code with flame retardant substances.

 Washable cubicle curtains are double sided and are infused with a flame retardant product certified to BS 5867 Part 2 C.

You can wash our cubicle curtains at 70˚C for disinfection.

Tracks for Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle or curtain track comes in many different styles and materials. The most popular is aluminum that provides long life durability and Biosafe® treatment for infection controls. Our divider and tracks blend in with any fabric or hanging system.

 Direct Fabrics Cubicle & Track Systems are built to exacting standards. They will provide your clinic, hospital or nursing home with years of trouble-free service. Even the most demanding environments can rest assured that we use quality components in our track systems.


National Health Approved Product

NHS Certified Curtain Tracks

Our curtain track has been approved to be used in NHS facilities across the UK. It has a 20 year guarantee and is produced to last. The track fits simply and is extremely durable. We have installed this track in doctors surgeries, hospitals and private practices across the United Kingdom.

What unique features make this curtain divider track system so popular?

Our cubicle curtain track system is simple to install, conforms to all NHS Specifications. It can fit all rooms with a combination of wall shoes, ceiling hangers and v hangers for extra strength.

Bespoke Quotation - Send your design and we will pick the components you require - Contact the team here.




20 year warranty

20 Year Warranty

Our system comes with a 20 year warranty on all parts. We know our product is one of the best on the market and we are that confident a 20 year warranty is supplied with all components.



High Quality Hospital Grade Curtain Track

Premium Aluminium Profile

The core of the Direct Fabrics Cubicle track system is based around and remembered by its sturdy, yet unobtrusive, profile. Constructed entirely from high grade aluminium and requiring no additional separate parts upholds the integrity of the product allowing it to span 3.0m between supports with no flexing or sag.



Cubicle Curtain Track Roller Bliders

Roller Wheel Curtain Hooks

The free-running roller wheel curtain hooks offered with the cubicle curtain track system as standard never cease to be noticed by nursing staff who had grown accustomed to ordinary cubicle track systems. Even after years of use, curtains using these will be light and easy to draw. They won’t even jam on bends!





Ideally suited for all contract applications, the Direct Fabrics profile has a hygienic, wipe-clean, white powder-coated finish as standard. The machined flat top profile allows for positive wiping, providing absolutely no area for dust to build up in nor bacteria to develop.



Made to Measure Products

Made to Measure in the UK.

Our made to measure curtains and blinds are manufactured to your exact specification which means you get a quality custom finish for an incredibly low price because you are buying direct. We use your measurements to make everything to your requirements using our team of UK manufacturing facilities. If you have a specific requirement then please speak to the team and we will customise your products exactly how you would like them making.

We can do check measures of your windows


Curtain Fitting and Blind Installation

Nationwide Fitting and Installation

We have a nationwide team of experts who will come to your site. Please see the full details here. We can do check measures of your spaces and provide you with design advice.


Video Introduction to our Cubicle Curtain Track

Here to help on all your projects

As a company we want to work with you on a personal level, so if you want a bespoke quote or have questions, then please send a message or call the team, we are here 9-5pm and want to offer the very best service to all our customer

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