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Ways to Make Your Store’s Fitting Room More Presentable

Fitting rooms are one of the overlooked elements of a store. However, it’s not a good idea to ignore that space because it can significantly influence your customers’ buying decisions. It may seem like it has nothing to do with your business sales, but the fitting room is where they will decide whether or not they will purchase your product, so it’s best to improve it. 

It’s not just all about the mirrors, clothes and hangers; you need to invest in good quality materials and designs in order for your fitting rooms to look convincing. If you have no idea how to do that, here are ways on how you can make your store’s fitting rooms more presentable: 

1. Make the Interior Attractive

Unfortunately, fitting rooms are not viewed as an essential area of the store, so many business owners have pretty appalling fitting rooms. As a result, customers don’t feel excited about buying the clothes they choose because the fitting room is showing them that the clothes don’t look good on them. 

In order to prevent that from happening, you need to make your fitting look attractive so that your customers can feel attractive as well. Choose the right paint colours, curtains, and lighting to make their fitting room experience more satisfying. Also, make sure that your fitting room is large enough to turn around in, has a seat, has hooks or hanging rods, and has a nice, clear mirror where they can see themselves. 

If your fitting room has these elements, and you always keep it clean, you’ll surely be ahead of the game.

2. Create a Fitting Room Service Process

Most stores don’t realise this but having a service process in fitting rooms is a great way to make your fitting rooms more presentable and convincing. For example, instead of asking your customer if you could help them find anything, ask them if you could set up a fitting room for them. This service process will not only help guide your customers through the decision-making process but will also allow you to ensure that the fitting room is cleared and polished. 

Once your customer is inside the fitting room, make sure not to leave them hanging. Stay with them because they may ask for different sizes or colours. You can hire a sales associate to do these tasks for you. Just make sure that the sales associate is patient in servicing the needs of your customers. 

3. Consider Implementing a Technology Inside

Another way to make your fitting room more presentable is to install some call buttons technology. This way, they don’t have to put their clothes back on just to request another size or colour. While you can hire a sales associate to be there for them, some may find it uncomfortable if someone is there with them. So, consider installing a technology inside so that they can call assistance even if they’re half-naked. 


Fitting rooms are an integral part of a store. It’s where most of the decision-making process happens, so you have to make your fitting rooms at their best in order to convince your customers. Make sure to invest in excellent quality designs, curtains and lighting, and improve your customer service for a higher chance of success. 

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