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80mm Wave Curtains with Mimas Fern

80MM Wave Curtains, Mimas Fern Fabric and Heavy-Duty Wave Track  

In this recent project, the customer had contacted us looking for a Wave Curtain and track for his lounge. The lounge consisted of two floor to ceiling height double glass doors with a wall in the center. The customer was keen to find a solution where he could have the required privacy but not obstruct the glass doors and light when the curtains were left open.  We decided to opt for one ceiling mounted wave track and one single curtain so the stack could be pulled into the middle when not in use.  

The customer looked at a range of fabric samples and decided to opt for a shade of green, we went through the various options within this colour scheme, and the customer narrowed it down to Fern in our Mimas range.  This is a contemporary and vibrant colour that really compliments the space. They also decided to use the blackout fleece acoustic lining to help reduce any external noise and help keep the warmth in.  

The customer was very pleased with the overall finish of the Wave curtains and track and found a nifty solution for us to share with you all. If you are finding the final wave pleat springs slightly, you can easily slot a magnet into the heading tape and the bottom which holds them exactly in place and finishes them off beautifully.