Recording Studio Curtains Acoustic Drapes

Introduction to the Client

From the company website BIG JAM STUDIOS

Big Jam is a Music, Video, Photography, rehearsal and recording studio founded by producer Kevin Thorpe in 2012. We are the only studio in Kent to be visited by ITV’s X Factor in 2016, and we’re regularly producing potential hits.

Big Jam Studios is fast becoming hailed as the most comfortable yet professional recording studio to get big results on your music no matter what genre you perform. Our music rehearsal and recording studio boasts some of the best facilities in the area."


Work Requested

To supply black wool serge surround  acoustic drapes for the studio with a low cost tracking that could be self mounted around bends.

By applying drapes around the recording and performance studio you get a much better dampening and deadening of sound within a space and this leads to a better recording space. You will stop reverberation and echo within a space and create clear sounds for the people within the space.

Using black wool serge it is a very plain fabric aesthetically which means it just borders very well the studio space and also it is a very sound absorptive fabric that will help take away the overwhelming volume in a small studio

If you are completing a project with acoustics it is worth reading the following Understanding Acoustics Article

Products Required

Acoustic Black Wool Serge Curtains

Fineline Heavy Weight Curtain Track

The curtain track used was one for a budget to complete the space. It works incredibly well even with heavier drapes as the fixing are metal and so is the rail itself. So by installing the brackets regularly, it will hold the weight of the stage style drapes surrounding the recording space.

Photos from the Project

Big Jam Studios Black Wool


Brilliant Curtains and they look great and reduce the sound significantly passing to other spaces in the centre.

Conclusion to Project

A successful project using our black wool serge flame retardant fabric. This can be purchased as our client in a made to measure format, or by the metre see the link above.