Church Curtains

Direct Fabrics have worked to supply many churches and places of worship across the United Kingdom. We manufacture and supply made to measure flame retardant curtains to a whole range of Churches, Synagogues, Temples and more. We supply flame retardant curtains that are certified for use in public spaces. All our curtains are certified to BS5867 and suitable per British Standards.

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What Options are there for Church Curtains

When purchasing curtains for a Church or place of worship the curtains need to be Flame Retardant to ensure they are allowed in public spaces.

The curtains are usually very large due to the size of the windows in the large open space and they need to reduce drafts and also improve the acoustics of the spaces. When working with large open spaces sound passes around and reverberates greatly around the space. So it is necessary to add soft furnishings to reduce this sound flow around the space.

The curtains need to be stiched and to a contract curtain standard to ensure they are durable and will last along time. Using high quality fabrics and linings means they will last.


Church Curtain Decorations

A Church is normally has a simple decor with the focus being on the stained glass and the ornate stonework that are the main construct of the building. Curtains that are usually installed are of simple earthy tones that do not detract away from the grandeur of the surroundings.

Direct Fabrics recommend simple velvet curtains for any stages or sectioned area, this means they look very decadent but not extravagant.

Another super option is an unlined dimout product like DF venus or accolade, these products are simple and offer over a 90% light exclusion without being lined. This means that you get a superior product that provides exceptional performance.


Church Window Curtains

The window curtains within a church are usually extremely tall and can be difficult to cover. Direct Fabrics recommend where possible to avoid corded tracks as it is one more thing for children or people to use and abuse. Therefore it is suggested to use a hand-drawn track other than on any stages where a corded track is required.

The latest development in curtain track technology is the electric curtain track.  These new electric curtain tracks are perfect for hard to reach places.

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