How to Hang Curtains

This information provides instructions on how to hang curtains well. There is a slide show and video below.

curtains hang very well and add a fantastic feature to any room. When fitting your pinch pleat or pencil pleatcurtains you must have a completed a checklist before beginning to hang your curtains;

 Curtain Poles & Curtain Tracks to hang your pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtains on.

Pinch Pleat Hooks for hanging your curtains on. See the picture below for

Obviously you will also need your curtains. These can be made by our team at curtains2bedding.


When making pinch pleat curtains we recommend using 2.5 width of fabric per curtain as a minimum.


The pinch pleat hooks are sharp and small so you will need to be careful when handling them.


Prepare you curtains by laying them out on a flat surface that is clean as to not damage your curtains. Make sure you lay them with back of the pinch pleat tape facing you.


Find one of the pleats and insert the sharp end of the hook into the fabric, making sure that the sharp end is deep into the Pleat of the fabric.


The hook should be inserted into the fabric as close to the top of the curtains as possible. This will mean that the curtains will hang below your curtain track or pole.


It is a good option now to measure from where the hook is located and then check that the length is suitable for where you would like the curtains to hang to. There is the ability to move the hook and the pole to fit the length you have made of your curtains


Make sure that you do not hang the curtain to hide the pole or track as this will make them not hang correctly.

 The curtains will adjust after a few days as the the weight goes through the hooks. This is the curtains setting into place. So it is advisable to put the hooks in slightly lower in the fabric to allow for this.


Once you have the correct position of your hook, move along each pleat and measure the same distance to ensure all of the hooks are in the pleats in the same position.


Make sure you do not miss any of the pleats on the curtains and have sufficient ring or sockets on the curtains to support them.


Once the curtains are hanging, draw them back fully and then, from the top of the curtain, push the fabric back, in between the pinch pleats. Run your hand down the length of the curtain and press the pleats.


For a superior finish we recommend, tieing three strips of lining or fabric around each curtain. They should hold the fabric in position but they should not be so tight that they leave indentation marks

.Leave for 2 or 3 days then remove the ties and draw the curtains.


Your curtains should look perfect