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Choosing the perfect fabric for your residential home, office, or commercial building is more than just picking the fabric design, making the blind, and fixing it.

First of all, you need to understand the distinctive qualities and roles of each make. Edmundbell offers you a variety of blackout and dimout fabrics to choose from, but first, let's get down to the basics.

Blackout fabrics block 100% of outdoor light. This trait is achieved by applying one or multiple coatings to one side of the fabric which will block the light rays. On the other hand, dim-out fabrics significantly reduce the degree of light passage by 70-99%.

Edmundbell’s blackout fabrics boast of desirable qualities such as insensitivity to dirt due to stain (less cleaning for you), natural and soft feel, less prone to coating abrasion, an extensive color range to choose from, and not overlooking its flame retardant properties.

Most of their blackout fabrics have an edge over other similar fabrics in that they can be machine washed at 40-70°-One of the most convenient brands at your disposal. They also care about your finances and that is why they offer their fabrics at pocket-friendly prices.

Dimout fabric’s light control feature allows between 1-40% of light to filter into the room. This, in turn, creates the infamous light darkening effect desirable for home theaters, nurseries (creating the perfect mood for nap-time) or blocking nosey passers-by.

We stock high quality, flame retardant, sound-absorbing, and easy to handle fabrics from Edmundbell. They also have close to 5000 print colors to choose from. It’s also important to not overlook the fact that they also have customized print designs that our team would be more than glad to work on upon request.

Curtain linings are an extra layer of fabric added to curtains or Roman blinds with the sole purpose of blocking out light. This light may be in the form of the sun's rays or glare, especially during the summer. A simple but handy feature if you happen to have lined curtains at your office or home.

We have a wide range of collections from Edmundbell to choose from that includes the cotton lining, blackout lining, thermal lining (for those who fancy a nice warm room), bonded cotton lining, and bonded blackout linings among others.

Don’t let your window down. Here at Direct Fabrics, we have the best of Edmundbell’s products. We also promise to deliver products that are durable and you’ll not be heading back to the shops anytime soon. The fabrics are also affordable (honestly shocking if you consider the quality brought to the table).

How Direct Fabrics can work with you on your Edmundbell Project

Direct Fabrics has a team of seamstresses and works with prestigious brands across the country for all those who want a piece of Edmundbell. Many major hotel groups and care homes come to Direct Fabrics to get their Edmundbell Package of curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings. 

Our team will work with you on both a professional and personal level to ensure that you get the very best soft furnishings for your scheme. Plus we have the resources to manufacture everything else you’ll require for your residential or commercial fabric needs.

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