R20C Crank


The Direct Fabrics Defiant® R20C crank control roller blind features a 45mm grooved aluminium barrel and white metal universal brackets for face or top fixing. A robust 1:5 crank mechanism ensures smooth blind control, and incorporates a magnetic detachable crank handle. Fabric is locked into groove in barrel, and features white Tear Drop aluminium bottom bar as standard.


Durability and simplicity make the R20C a good choice for a vast range of applications. The magnetic detachable crank ensures the blind is vandal resistant and safe for areas where cords are a threat. Fabric locked into the barrel and bottom bar and supported by sturdy, attractive metal brackets. Approved to work with the DirectFabricsKestrel® Anti-Ligature system.


Bracket covers; Alternative bottom bars including fully fabric covered in aluminium or plastic, and aluminium Tear Drop in black or silver; Wire side-guiding system; White aluminium back bar; Fixed crank handle; Turnbutton tag.