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Goelst Curtain Track


Goelst’s G-RAIL curtain tracks, have an elegant design, luxurious look, noiseless and smooth. Powder coated, impact resistant, high quality aluminium rails for domestic and commercial use. Direct Fabrics chose Goelst G-RAIL as we believe the quality of their products and the ethos of the supply chain are second to none. Their long-standing R&D facilities offer clever solutions for Direct Fabrics customers, who can have complicated or unusual projects. 


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4 Products

4 Products

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4 Products

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Direct Fabrics is an approved distributor of Goelst Curtain Track Products.


Why choose Goelst products from Direct Fabrics?

With the added assurance that the advice you receive from the Direct Fabrics technical department will ensure you choose the right product for your project, however large or small.

 Goelst products from Direct Fabrics offer a 5-year guarantee.  Cut to length in factory

 Innovative design, minimal maintenance and luxury qualityDirect Fabrics are very pleased to be able to offer their customers this superior product at competitive prices.

Goelst Product Ranges:


  • Manually operated rails

Narrow curtain track, wide curtain track, and multiple track. Heavy weight and Lightweight.

G2100, G2102: Elegant rails with attention to detail such as the patented supports with cover caps to hide screws. Suitable for curtains and lace curtains.

G2200: for lace curtains and slightly heavier curtains.

G2300, G2301, G2400: extremely compact, elegant rail.

G2600: rounded rail with quick flush mounting on the ceiling. Particularly suitable for lace curtains and light curtains.

G 4100: the strongest rail system in the assortment, with a narrow, high shape. Very suitable for bending.

G4200, G5100: the look of a classic curtain rod, the comfort of a real curtain rail.

G4301: very suitable for tight fixing to a wall or windowsill.

G4400: compact rail with the elegance of a small channel profile and the strength of a wide channel profile. Particularly suited to concealed ceiling fixing.

G4600: for lace curtains and light to medium drapes. Invisible mounting; suitable for bay windows among other applications.

G4700: four types of profile for mounting directly on to the ceiling.

G4800: for average to medium-weight curtains. Extremely stable rails, convenient for dropped ceiling systems.

G4900: can be concealed in wooden ceilings.


  • Cord Operated rails

G5100: the look of a classic curtain rod combined with the comfort of a cord-operated curtain rail.

G5300: stable system for curtain weights of up to 17 kg

G5600: elegant rails with very detailed solid finish. For medium weight to heavyweight curtains. Can be mounted invisibly on to the ceiling. If so desired, the cord operation side can be changed easily and without tools after installation.


  • Electrical operated rails

The 6200 and 6300 are 24 V electrically operated curtain rail systems. The 6200 provides even more power and luxury functions such as continuous acceleration/deceleration speeds and programmable intervals.

G6200: powerful, whisper-silent system with many luxury features, suitable for curtain weights up to 60 kg or even 100 kg if two motors are placed on a single rail.

G6300: strong, powerful motor for curtain weights of up to 40 kg.


  • Medical Curtain Tracks

The G-Rail hospital curtain rail has been the industry standard in the health care sector for years. Functional, strong and available with a dust-resistant PVC cover strip. Also available with handy accessories such as the IV rack, IV hook, curtain holder, etc. The rail can be mounted either on the wall or on to the ceiling, of course, so that a solid system can be built. We can install our cubicle curtain track electrically insulated in accordance with the NEN-1010 standard.

G4100: sleekly designed separation rail

G5100: elegant, round separation rail



  • Roman Blind rails

The roman blind systems are available in several varieties and are suitable for light, transparent fabrics up to heavier applications such as lined curtains. You can choose from cord, chain or electrically operated roman blind systems. The roman curtains can be stopped at any desired height.

G7400: v for medium-weight to heavy fabrics, always pulls up straight and smoothly.

G7400-E: electrical model of the roman blind system

G7800: with optional semi-automatic function: the curtain lowers automatically with a single short pulling motion. The curtain can be removed from the system easily for cleaning.